The project in Sučany will bring 98 apartments, a reception, a common room, 157 parking spaces and a private kindergarten. Construction will begin immediately after obtaining a valid building permit.

The apartment buildings in the Schulz dvor project will be arranged in such a way as to create a semi-private square with park greenery, original trees, a children’s playground, a seating area and a workout zone.

Beginning of preparatory and demolition works

Preparatory and demolition work is currently underway on the project based on valid permits:
• felling permit,
• demolition permit for renovation of existing buildings,
• zoning decision for the construction of apartment buildings.

Schulz brick complex

In 1878, Ľudovít Schulz founded a brickyard in Sučany. It produced raw, fire-resistant and ribbed bricks, tiles and drainage pipes. 30-80 workers worked in the brickyard, it burned down in 1948. Since that time, the premises of Schulz’s brickyards have fallen into disrepair. The annual production of the brickyard was approximately five hundred thousand pieces of various goods. Schulz’s brickyard in Sučany was an important local supplier of building materials and contributed to the development of regional infrastructure and construction projects.

Schulz´s courtyard: revitalization with respect to history and the environment

The Schulz´s courtyard project is not only a reconstruction of the historical area, but also an opportunity to fulfill the future needs of the residents of the village. When renovating the complex, Constario GROUP undertook to minimize the ecological footprint and use waste recycling to achieve these goals. The waste generated during the preparatory and demolition work will be sorted and recycled so that it can be reused.

All metals (copper, aluminum, steel structures), glass, plastics, glass wool, technological equipment, cable distribution and similar materials will be recycled. Concrete and tiles will be crushed and used as a base layer for reinforced surfaces.

Recycling is the way to reduce the carbon footprint.

Innovative solutions in renewable construction

Constario GROUP is trying to push the boundaries in the field of renewable construction. The use of recycled materials is not only about reducing costs, but also about creating innovative and aesthetically appealing solutions. Schulz’s yard, inspired by the industrial era with its historical heritage, thus becomes an example of how history can be combined with a modern approach to sustainability.

Because without knowing the past, there is no better future.