Constario GROUP’s mission is not only to build a great place to live, but also to give help that changes the lives of others.

Why did we decide to help? Because we realize that health is very fragile and in difficult situations we only have HOPE left. A hope that becomes a belief that something you do has meaning. Hope that all children are healthy and happy. That’s why we decided to become that hope for those who really need it and thus support Svetielko nádeje (The Light of Hope).

The first step #is up to us

The first step to help was made by the Constario GROUP company in cooperation with the beauty bar concept, in which, as part of the #it’s up to us campaign, people could buy T-shirts and give children more hope.

The second step – Car of Hope and handing over the prize

The company Constario GROUP contributed small heroes to the Car of Hope campaign through the online crowdfunding platform Startlab. Its goal was to raise funds for the purchase of a new car for the transport service. Together with 534 contributors, we are also on the unique Car of Hope sticker, which is not found on other cars of the transport service.

Third step – Our help does not end

Constario GROUP wants to build its partnership with Svetielko nádeje (The Light of Hope) on mutual trust and cooperation. It will not be just a one-time financial injection, but an active approach to identifying needs, creating strategies and monitoring the impact. The goal is to create a long-term relationship that will have a positive impact on the lives of those in need.

Svetielko nádeje (The Light of Hope) – a big help to little heroes

Svetielko nádeje (The Light of Hope) – civil association – which has been helping children with oncological and other serious diseases and their families for 21 years. In addition, it strives to positively influence the public so that other people can sensitively perceive the situation of these children and families and create an environment of understanding, acceptance and help for them. Svetielko nádeje (The Light of Hope) strives to fulfill this vision, especially in cooperation with the Children’s Faculty Hospital and Polyclinic in Banská Bystrica, and especially with its pediatric oncology department. It provides its services to children and families from the hospital’s catchment area, i.e. mainly in the Banská Bystrica and Žilina regions.